Delivering the Next Generation of

Nano Water Filter Technology

industrial water filter technology for cleaning greywater

Revolutionising water treatment, purification & production

Blue Quest’s
Hydrate Membrane

The filtration technology that gives our industrial water filter it’s competitive edge.

Higher Flux Rates

5-fold more than currently available nanofiltration (NF) membranes


Mechanical straining with a particulate matter size exclusion of 10nm

Easy Cleaning

Easy cleaning by automatic backwashing

Cost Effective

Maintenance by automatic gel injection (under development)

Purus Water Filtration System

Our mission is to increase the global volume of clean usable water with our revolutionary industrial water filtration system, Purus H20 (Purus).

Purus H2O

Purus H2O is a water filtration unit that removes particles like dust, metals, fines, sediment or viruses and bacteria down to 10nm, and operates at a significantly lower cost than existing competitors.
Industrial water filter


Blue Quest has partnered with The University of Queensland, to deliver the latest nano water filtration technology, direct from the research laboratory to your industry that requires clean water.
water purification system


The Purus H2O system is scalable to meet your industrial water filter requirements. Our team of engineers and consultants will help you determine the optimal system design solution for your needs.

Producing Cleaner Water

Viruses & Bacteria

Removes 99.99% of all water borne pathogens.


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