Purus - Particle Separation Filtration Technology

The Purus solution is a nanoscale particle separation filtration technology that removes non-dissolved particulates as small as 10 Nm. This includes 99.99% of all water borne pathogens. The Purus system requires minimal maintenance and is designed and built on a scalable platform that can be customised to suit many filtration requirements.

A Purus system is made up of a proprietary internal barrier system that works in conjunction with Purus gel. Both technologies together form a very high performing barrier system.


 – System Flux/Pressure from 0.21 bar – 2.0 bar delivering up to a staggering 10,000 LMH

 – System recovery of 86-95%, dependent on feed water, flux and operating pressure

 – Backwash frequency of up to 60 days dependent on feed water quality

  •  – Microbe removals from up to 6 log
  •  – De-waters hydrocarbons
  •  – Mechanical Straining

 – Physical Absorbtion

 – Non toxic
 – Soluable materials will pass through filter
 – pH operating range from 5.8 – 10


Purus is an automated system requiring very little maintenance intervention. Parameters are set on the web based control panel depending on desired cleaning frequency. An automated gel backwash and seed technology has been developed. If Purus operates outside of its design envelope, an automated sequence will be initiated. 

“Spent” gel is backwashed and ported into the Purus clarifier system, where waste gel can be processed for mineral recovery or disposed of depending on the contents of the waste matter. The Purus system will request a pre-determined quantity of replacement gel from the fresh gel storage tanks. After a pre-determined interval, the system will be back up and running and performing.

Gel replacement cycles can remain active for up 60 days, this is entirely dependent on feed water quality. For additional protection and endurance Purus systems can be supported by a prefiltration unit to prolong performance.

The Features

There are several key features within the Purus H20 design that make it truly unique when compared to its competitors. One of the key features is its very low power consumption and portability. Purus also operates with at extremely high flux rates with low-pressure requirements. All of the key features within the Purus H20 system can be found below.

Purus Technology

Through extensive research and development, Blue Quest has determined the optimum design and manufacturing method for the filtration systems. Collector and lateral units can be customised to suit many fluid related challenges. The team at Blue Quest are applying their focus to specific problem areas that are considered high enterprise value, such as valuable particle recovery and PFAS.

Competitive Advantage