Month: November 2020

How to Find the Right Water Filtration Technology Supplier

Every industry needs water to function, but just because it is a general need does not mean that your company should settle for just anything. Every industry follows a standard when it comes to water quality and water usage. Companies are required to find the purification system that will ensure they deliver and meet these standards. Before you acquire a new water purification system for your business, make sure that you are talking to the right supplier that can provide you with the technology you need.

Cost-Effective Uses of Recycled Water in Various Industries

Different industrial businesses are turning to water recycling to ensure that they can gain access to reusable water and prevent shortages due to drought. Water recycling is also a highly sustainable solution that can help your business save money through the process of filtering and demineralising wastewater into greywater. But what exactly are the uses of recycled water?

6 Industries That Rely on Ultra-Pure Water

The urgent need to implement sustainable water practices in Australia has become more crucial than ever. Thanks to rising sea levels and an increasingly warm global climate, corporations and individuals alike have been called to reduce their environmental impact. Factories, in particular, are notorious for producing contaminated water that goes back to the environment, further contributing to its degradation.