Month: September 2020

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Water Purification System

Each industry, especially those involved in manufacturing, must comply with a regulated set of standards to ensure water quality and safety. Regardless of your sector, your water system must have the capabilities to filter out water in an efficient yet environmentally friendly manner. As you search for water filtration technology in Australia to adhere to […]

Common Industries That Require Wastewater Treatments

It’s a known truth that the earth is composed of three-quarters water. However, did you know that the world is full of dirty liquid that gets wasted every day? About 10 billion tons of freshwater get used daily, generating a lot of wastewater. Along with this is the fact that various industries have contributed much […]

Why Industrial Companies Need Professional Wastewater Treatment

Keeping the environment clean and healthy is a responsibility that many industries share. One of these is having their wastewater professionally treated. Such treatment ensures that companies comply with safety standards that protect both the environment and human populations from the chemicals and harmful substances in wastewater. Some companies prefer to treat their own wastewater […]


Blue Quest Group has been invited to participate in the September 2019 ARC Hardware Incubator Accelerator Program. Through this accelerator program, we will: have the opportunity to pitch for seed funding; receive professional services from the ARC team in areas such as Business Development, Grant Applications, Industrial & Graphic Designs, and Engineering support. For more […]